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Dan Rental Privacy Policy

Last Updated 08-02-23

About us

1.1 Welcome to the privacy policy of the Dan Rental Company. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. The present privacy policy informs you about the way we safeguard your personal data as a customer and it provides updates on your privacy rights and protection afforded by the law. Our company is responsible for collecting, handling and processing your personal data.

1.2. You are entitled to every right guaranteed by the 2016/679 EU regulations and all relevant European and national legislation. We will process your personal data strictly within the legal regulations.

All reservations are made based on the vehicle category, not for a specific model.
In case of non-availability of a vehicle in the category pre-selected by the customer, always with reference to a confirmed reservation, Avance reserves the right to provide to the customer a higher category car, at no extra charge for the customer.

23 years old is the minimum age requirement for using cars of categories A,B,C and D; 25 years of age is the minimum age requirement for the rest of car categories. Maximum age is 75.

Driving license:
Production of a valid license for driving in the Greek territory and the E.U., issued at least 1 year prior to the rental’s starting date, is required. Citizens of countries outside the E.U. are required to be in possession of a driver’s license valid both in Greece and in the European Union, or otherwise holders of an international driver’s license.

Traffic tickets – Fines:
Traffic tickets and fines due to violations of the Highway Code are borne by the Renter. In addition, the Renter undertakes the payment of management costs, where required.

Means of Payment:
The Renter is required to produce a credit card as guarantee for the rental, even if payment is made in cash. Rental is prepaid.

Reservation Cancellations / Retreat
Cancellation of a reservation must be done at least forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled date and hour of commencement of the vehicle’s rental (always according to the exact hour of reservation), as this has been made in the company’s reservations system. Should you wish to cancel a reservation, you should contact the company through the reservations system of which you made the reservation.

The following charges shall apply for the cancellation of reservations:

In case of a cancellation notice received by Avance at least forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the vehicle’s rental, any amount prepaid shall be refunded. In case the payment has been made by card (credit or debit) the refund of the respective amount may take up to 14 days depending on the partner bank of the card you used while making your booking.

In case of a cancellation notice received by Dan Rental less than forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the vehicle’s rental, there shall be no refund of any amount that may have been prepaid.

The consumer has the right to withdraw without reason within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product in accordance with Law 2551/1994 (as amended by K.Y.A. Z1-891/2013).

We will use your personal data when:

we have your full consent;
we have to implement the contract that we are about to sign or have already signed with you;

dictated by our legal interests (or the legal interests of a third party) whenever your interests and fundamental rights do not override these interests;
we have to conform to legal or regulatory obligations;
dictated by public interest.
Why we process your personal data
We process any personal data you have willingly provided, for which we have secured your full consent, whenever it is necessary for the implementation of the contract between us or when steps are to be taken at your request, before drawing up the contract, and such purposes are specified as: the rental of cars to a third party with or without a driver, the sale of cars to a third party (wholesale or retail), the hire of trucks and vans with or without a driver.

Categories of information collected
We have the right to collect, process, store and forward various types of personal data that we have classified as follows:
Identity data include full name (trade name for sole proprietorships), mother and father’s name, date of birth, identity card (number, date of issue/expiry and place of issue), or passport (number, date of issue/expiry and place of issue), residence permit, valid driver’s license (number, date of issue/expiry and place of issue);
Contact data include home address, email, fax and phone numbers;
Financial data include taxpayer ID, bank account number, payment card details, indication of VAT exemption, activity (for sole proprietorships), tax office (for sole proprietorships), headquarters (for sole proprietorships);
Credit ratings and legal documents (for sole proprietorships).

We do not collect sensitive personal data in any of our activities or countries of operation with the exception of your health data, which we acquire with your consent in case of traffic accident injury, solely to forward to the insurance agency that insures our vehicle.

How we collect your data
We collect your personal data in digital form or in print, every time you use our services, when these services are provided by us at our customer service points, namely in our stores, or in other places where our company legally operates (indicatively airports, hotels, service stations, etc).

We also collect your data when you use our call centers or any of our mobile applications, when you use our company email, as well as when you use our company websites. In the latter case and especially when you create or manage your profile, we collect the necessary data for this purpose.

In addition, please refer to our company website for information about our cookies policy (Cookies Policy).

We may collect personal data with your consent in many ways, such as telephone calls, customer service contacts, websites and other sources, as specified above.

We collect personal data of customers or drivers while booking short or long-term car rental or sale of a car, such as full name, address, phone number, driver’s license, credit card details, taxpayer ID, etc. (as specified in paragraph 3).

We also collect your personal data when you create a profile on our website, as follows:
– Personal Data that we collect: Full Name, Email, Telephone Number.

– Access: It is obtained by creating a password which you choose and create. You have the option to renew the password or reset it in case of loss. The password is strictly personal.

Its creation, as well as any change, is done exclusively through your email and at your own risk. Third party access to your reservation management profile is strictly prohibited. This is why we advise you not to give access to your profile to third parties and to contact us if you have any problems or have any questions about your reservation.

In no case does our company bear any responsibility if you provide access to authorized or non-authorized third parties.

Accordingly, we have no obligation to serve or provide information to third parties regarding the management of your reservation, through your electronic profile, even if you request it, as the profile and its use are strictly personal. Access to your profile is free 24 hours a day, all days of the year (excluding cases of maintenance of our website or the existence of a technical problem). You reserve the right to update your contact details at any time.

– Reasons for creating a profile: i) the management of your reservation, ii) the storage of your reservation history by our company, from the creation of your profile and onwards, iii) making a future reservation.

– Retention period: i) you have the right to delete your profile at any time. Your data will be automatically deleted from your profile only. Data provided to us in connection with the performance of a contractual transaction and an obligation will be retained by us as provided in paragraph 5 of this Privacy Policy, ii) all data will be deleted from your profile automatically after five years from the completion of your last reservation, without requiring any prior action from you, iii) the right to portability of your profile and its content is not granted. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to delete your profile at any time, without our prior approval.

How long we keep your personal data

We keep your personal data only as long as needed to fulfil the purposes for which they have been collected, including the fulfilment of any legal or accounting obligation, or mandatory mention.

To specify the length of keeping personal data, we examine the quantity, the nature and the sensitivity of personal data, the potential danger of harm by unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data, the purposes towards which we process your personal data and whether we are able to fulfil such purposes by other means, within the existing legislation.

The Customer’s tax data are kept for a period of ten (10) years from the date of issue of each tax document, to be made available, as required, to the tax authorities within the time frame of valid tax demands. Any data pertinent to establishing, enforcing and supporting legal claims of the Company or a third party in the presence of any competent court of law or administrative authority are kept for a period starting at the time that the Company demands are generated and up to twenty (20) years or for a longer period up to the statute of limitations and the termination of possible bilateral litigations. The Company may keep the customer’s personal data after fulfilling the purposes of collecting and processing them if such is our legal obligation as stipulated by any relevant legal provision.

Protection of your personal data

We have taken all the appropriate organizational and technical precautions to safeguard and protect your personal data from unintentional or fraudulent destruction, accidental loss, distortion, unlawful dissemination or access and any other kind of unauthorized processing.

Who the recipients of your data are
Our company guarantees that it will not forward, share, or relinquish etc. your data to others (except the ones mentioned in this document) for any reason or use unless this is dictated by the present legislation or stipulated by public/judicial bodies or authorities. Only the necessary minimum of Company personnel, all of whom are bound to confidentiality will have access to your personal data, which also applies to our partners who comply with our directives and are aligned with the provisions of the 2016/679 EU regulation and they process your data as joint data controllers or as data processors on our account and according to our directives.

Indicatively, recipients of your data are:

the insurance agencies that collaborate with our Company;
collaborating users of our logos and on a case-by-case basis our systems (franchisees).

Relevant information can be found on our Company webpage;

the car rental companies (in Europe or elsewhere) that are part of the international car rental system and handle bookings, with whom we share information pertaining to our car rental activities. Said information may include personal details of your booking entered through the respective application. Your data will not be used for any other reason, without your prior notification and consent. Let it be noted that personal data are also relayed/forwarded to non EU countries (to cater to bookings outside the EU) on condition that they possess adequate legislation to protect personal data;

companies of sworn auditors that check our Company’s financial statements;

cooperating companies that provide roadside assistance to drivers using our Company vehicles;

cooperating companies in car rentals;

legal service providers (lawyers, law firms) that defend our Company interests against third parties, natural or legal persons, judiciary and administrative authorities, independent authorities and bodies.
How we ensure that the processors and sub-processors respect your data
The processors working on our account have agreed with the company and are contractually committed:

to observe confidentiality;
not to forward your data to third parties without our Company’s permission;

to take safety measures;

to comply with the legal framework concerning personal data protection and particularly regulation 679/2016/EU (GDPR);

to have been informed and observe all relevant laws and regulations towards the protection of personal data.
In the execution of their duties, the processors may at times employ other persons called sub-processors. In this case, the data controller will have authorized them to handle all or part of data processing. As a result, sub-processors have the same obligations and rights as the processors, as these are analyzed in the present policy and always within the bracket of their delegated duties and bear full responsibility as would the processor.

Your rights
You have the right to:
request access to your personal data (“subject access request”).

This provides you with a copy of your personal data as kept by us and it allows you to ensure that we process them according to the provisions of the law;
request the correction of your personal data kept by the company. You may correct incomplete or faulty data or add to the data we have on you, though we have the right to ask you for verification of the new data you provide;
request that your personal data be deleted subject to time period limitations as stipulated in paragraph 5.

Still, as you probably know, we may not always be able to comply with your deletion request for specific legal reasons about which you will be notified, if necessary, on submission of your request.

oppose our processing your personal data when you deem that your fundamental rights and freedoms have been violated. You also have the right to oppose our processing your personal data for promotional purposes.

request the restriction of processing your personal data. This allows you to ask us to suspend processing your personal data in the following cases: i) if you wish to verify the accuracy of the data, ii) when the company’s use of the data is unlawful, but you do not wish us to delete your data, iii) when you wish us to preserve your data even if we do not ask for it, in the event it is necessary for you in order to confirm, exercise or defend legal claims, or, iv) if you have objected to our using your data, but you have to verify whether we have compelling legal reasons to do so;

request personal data transmission to you or to a third party. We will provide you or the third party you have specified with your personal data in a structured, readable form. This specific right pertains only to information we have received with your consent during signing the contract or later, up to the time the request has been submitted;

withdraw your consent in case you realize and can prove that it has stopped being lawful.

Nevertheless, this cannot influence legitimate processing that took place before you withdrew your consent.

If you withdraw your consent, it may not be possible for us to offer you certain products or services.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights above, please contact us.

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